Clinicians seeking assistance with adding nutrition, herbs or essential oils are supported by Nourish Well. Typical consultations of this kind are conducted by phone interview.

We provide client consultations in each of these modalities. Although we usually integrate them, clients choose which therapeutic options they would like to have as part of their care plan:​

Functional Nutrition
After an in-depth assessment of your history, goals and current nutritional status, we will provide recommendations for dietary strategies, targeted supplementation and lifestyle modifications.  Read more

Herbal Therapy
Drawing upon the therapeutic support of plants, we will formulate a blend of herbs based on your goals and clinical presentation. We are skilled in identifying quality herbal products as well as in identifying possible drug-herb and nutrient-herb interactions.  Read more

Our blending services include developing the formula for you to make at home to blending it for you. We also offer consultations on the safe use of essential oils, drug and nutrient interactions and application techniques. We have created and developed hundreds of individualized blends to support our client’s wellness goals.​  Read more

Regarding Safety
Within these therapeutic relationships, we will advise clients on the safe and effective use of supplements, therapeutic herbs and essential oils, including doses, method of administration and duration of use. 

For Clinicians

Nourish Well offers Herbal Consultations, Workshops, Clinician Support, Custom Blending (essential oil)

Hourly rate is 110 USD

(multi-session packages available)

​Nourish Well Services

Client Testimonial

 "Since I had the tea, I have not had my normal bloating and stomach pain... thank you for listening, caring and helping. You have no idea what that has done for me!"

​Annapolis, MD