Functional Nutrition

​Why nutrition?

Often, we go from meal to meal and snack to snack without actually connecting what we eat to how we feel and perform. Although athletes tend to be more aware of the connection between diet and health, the majority of us do not put a significant level of effort into crafting an ideal food plan. On a daily basis, however, we are blasted with dietary recommendations from celebrity food gurus. Certain foods are dubbed “superfoods” while others are vilified; as a result, we often end up confused or conflicted. The truth is, there is no ideal food plan that fits every person. We have heard about the importance personalized medicine, and this principle extends to our nutritional needs, as well.  For optimal health and vitality one needs an individualized nutritional plan.

Functional Nutrition
Nutrients drive all biological processes; growth and healing can only occur when those nutritional needs are met. However, practitioners of functional nutrition focus not only on these basic connections between diet and health, but we are also trained in how to consider the combined effects of lifestyle, environmental exposures, genetic and epigenetic factors and the microbiome.  We draw upon these inputs to understand the factors underlying one’s immediate nutritional requirements.

During your session, we will discuss your unique situation, consider short and long-term goals, and design a combination of foods and supplements to support your health.

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