Herbal Therapy

Herbalism is not just about plants. Western herbalists emphasize a holistic approach to your care, which means listening to what you are saying about your health, as well as the messages from your body.  We partner with you to help you cultivate your listening, as well.  Being able to connect with our own prompts for care, whether it is for water or sleep, is a skill that many of us have lost.  We push ourselves beyond our limits and medicate ourselves to keep up with our own expectations. In doing so, we often silence those instincts that help guide us toward making nourishing choices.

We have the ability to relearn these lost instincts by watching the natural world.  Through careful observation, we can be instructed in:

·      reclaiming life-sustaining cycles of wakefulness and rest
·      respecting the seasons of the earth and of our lives
·      and living within our natural, social and spiritual communities, with integrity. 

Herbal Therapeutics
The plants which have always nourished and healed human beings make up the herbalist’s toolbox.  In a therapeutic alliance built around your goals, we will explore your story and look to bring in diet, lifestyle and botanical supports that will help you live well.  Your specific herbal formulas will be determined based on tradition, scientific evidence, and your clinical presentation with an emphasis on safe and effective use.

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