Carefully crafted and targeted use of essential oils from medicinal plants support your wellness goals...

Herbal Therapeutics

Over the past decade, I have embraced relationship-centered care. My background includes psychology, herbal therapeutics, functional nutrition, and advanced clinical aromatherapy. Every day, I enjoy using each area of my expertise to care for my family and clients.

Meet Keren

This oldest of therapeutic modalities uses plants to support people across the various dimensions of health...

Functional Nutrition

A new specialty in the field of nutrition, functional nutrition addresses core underlying imbalances to help formulate comprehensive treatment plans in collaboration with clients...


Choosing life-giving foods and consuming therapeutic herbs are among the oldest and simplest ways to care for ourselves and our loved ones.  Beyond food,  in order to be well we must each be nourished as unique and multidimensional individuals. Finding this nourishment is increasingly difficult in today's digital age, where we have more experts, more information than ever before. ​​How do you determine what is right for you?
Allow Nourish Well to help you identify personalized approaches to self-care that are based on your unique needs, scientific research and clinical experience.