Nourish Well, LLC Founder

Meet Keren


Nourish Well, LLC will provide you with  a skilled partner that you can trust to understand your goals and honor your unique needs.  Through advanced nutritional strategies and targeted botanical interventions, we work to promote your wellness and restore your resilience.  Our practitioners have extensive training in modern clinical tools.  We use translational science to bring research directly to our therapeutic approaches while staying grounded in traditional wisdom.

This oldest of therapeutic modalities uses plants to support people across the various dimensions of health...

A specialty in the field of nutrition, functional nutrition addresses core underlying imbalances to help formulate comprehensive treatment plans in collaboration with clients...

Over the past decade, I have embraced relationship-centered care. My background includes psychology, herbal therapeutics, functional nutrition, and advanced clinical aromatherapy.

Carefully crafted and targeted use of essential oils from medicinal plants support your wellness goals...

Functional Nutrition

Herbal Therapeutics